Get the GPS location of your cat at anytime


Get alerted when your dog escapes from a safe zone


Protect your cat with our small GPS locator


1 out of 3 pets goes missing in their lifetime,
make sure yours is not one of them


Never worry about losing your cat


In the event of a fall, locate your horse with no distance limit

Meet the BliTrack GPS tracker for Pets

A smart GPS locator that lets you quickly find your pet from anywhere


Not a technical person? No problem!

Unlike other similar products, the BliTrack GPS for Pets is ready to use out of the box.
NO screwdriver or any other complicated setup is required to get going!

  • One of the smallest and lightest device on the market, only 39 grams!

  • Perfectly fits small pets such as cats, up to dogs or even horses

  • View the GPS position of your pet on a map with no distance limit (use cellular coverage)

  • Receive an alert on your phone and via email when your pet escapes from a predefined area

  • Get the direction and distance to walk directly towards your pet

  • Water resistant to all weather conditions

  • Light rechargeable battery that can last up to 5 days with automatic charging reminders

  • Helps to keep your pet safe while promoting better pet’s welfare: no punishing sound, no chemical and no electric shock is involved

Main Features

Unlimited number of location requests

Unlimited number of Safe Zones and Alerts

Gives the direction and distance to walk towards your pet

Water resistant to all weather conditions

Rechargeable lithium battery via USB

Works in 60+ countries at no extra cost

Super easy to use thanks to our FREE App available for Apple and Android phones and tablets



Keep your pet in a safe place


With the Safe Zone feature you can receive automatic alerts on your phone and email when your pet escapes pre-defined areas such as your Home, Neighbourhood or Park.

This provides you with peace of mind knowing that you can locate your pets immediately when they run away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the BliTrack GPS Locator work without GPS or Cellular coverage?

This device has been developed to be used in areas with good GPS and Cellular coverage (in New Zealand we use the Vodafone network).

As for any GPS enabled products such as GPS car navigation systems, the device needs to be outside or near a window to receive a clear signal from multiple satellites in order to calculate its position with greater precision. When the tracker is located inside or anywhere covered from the sky, its location might sometimes be calculated but in this case it can be quite imprecise.

Similarly, if there is no sufficient Cellular network coverage, the tracker will not be able to send location updates back to you. Once the device re-enters an area with adequate Cellular coverage, communication is automatically re-established.

The device used to run the BliTrack App (your smartphone or tablet) also needs internet access to receive location updates from the GPS locator.

Can multiple people have access to the same Locator from different accounts?

Yes, simply start to activate the product for the first time by following the quick start user guide. Then additional people can gain access by creating their own account directly from the BliTrack App and then simply add the same device by scanning the Activation Code that came in the box.

Can I use any collar I want with the BliTrack GPS Locator?

Absolutely! Dog owners can choose any collar or harness as long as they do not attach a leash on the collar that holds the tracker. Cat owners need to make sure the collar they use have a safety auto-dismount system which is standard with any collar specifically marketed for cats from reputable stores.

How long will the battery last if I need frequent location updates from the GPS tracker?

Many factors can affect battery life such as the cellular network coverage, the activity of your pet, real time tracking from the App and so on.

To help conserve battery life the device automatically goes into standby mode when your pet is inactive for at least 5 minutes, this is the biggest contributing factor. Moreover, poor cellular coverage can decrease battery life because the device will be required to use more energy in order to communicate its position under these conditions. Lastly, App usage is also a factor because it provides live tracking of the device (providing adequate cellular coverage) which is increasing the number of location requests to the GPS tracker and therefore is more battery intensive.

Our number one priority in the design process was to make sure this GPS tracker could be worn by small and light pets such as Cats, without getting in their way. Of course, trade-offs needed to be made on the battery size in order to offer a product that is not bulky like some other devices.

We have also prioritised the number of location updates since we didn’t want to force our users to wait for one hour or longer to get a position update like other products do (as long as our device is located in an area with adequate cellular and GPS coverage as explained previously) while still optimising battery life when your pet is asleep or not moving.

Some very placid dogs have achieved a battery life up to 5 days but with most pets the battery could last between 20 hours to 3 days depending on the conditions.

If you know that your cat or dog is very active, we recommend to recharge the device often without waiting for the low battery reminders, to make sure that your GPS tracker will be online when you need it the most!

BliTrack for Pets GPS Locator

only $ 219


One Month Free Connectivity Subscription.

Free Shipping within New Zealand with Track and Trace.

Connectivity Subscription

$ 14.99

per month after the 1st month FREE
We keep a cellular plan open for all BliTrack™ GPS locators to let them communicate their location with you at any time with no distance limit. Connectivity subscription packs covers this cost.

There are no hidden fees, everything is included in the subscription price.